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Our focus is to show our students how to create dishes from scratch.  Understanding how food elements react and work together is the fundamental base of all cooking styles and the key to success.   Vegan cuisine and bread making are the easiest types of food  to make  yet, most of us are challenged and struggle with it.  Bread making goes back to the beginning of time when our ancestors  all  over worldwide survived on bread they made with endless variations and without a written recipe...

So here we are today relying on ready-made products because we are too scared to fail making the simplest things. 

We are taking your hand and guiding you to stimulate your intuition and help you rediscover things you knew all along.  The idea is not to spend all day in the kitchen creating amazing food... It is about understanding, feeling and staying organized while having the right tools.

But first you need to know what products are needed in your pantry at all times.  You will find below some of our most popular recipes such as our vegan burger, chocolate cupcake and bread making; try them!  In addition, we have hand-picked what we felt are the best products on Amazon to help you shop wisely.  We found these products offer the best quality/value out there.  However, we periodically update our list of supplies to keep our information fresh for you. Check back with us regularly.  


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